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Fuerza Studio was founded in 2010. In the meantime, from a small design office in Porto Alegre, it has evolved into a multi-award-winning studio for web, design, branding, and games, operating across four continents in over 20 languages. We engage in idea development from inception to the final outcome, always in pursuit of the most creative and effective solutions. We’re here to create new business opportunities for you and your product, turning your ideas into tangible reality and changing the lives of all involved in the process. We’re here to alter your perspective. And your reality.



Our awards

Where we are_

We are a fully remote company, with our collaborators able to work from anywhere in the world. This approach allows us to tap into talents from diverse backgrounds and cultures, working together in a unified team.

Where are we going

Strengthening our presence and engagement in a competitive global market, by offering a portfolio of innovative creative and technological products, services, and solutions that hold high purpose and social impact. These aim to enhance the quality of life, routines, and relationships among individuals, businesses, and technology, ultimately providing truly authentic experiences.

And how are we going

Leveraging our technological and design expertise to strategize, create, and deliver solutions that transform and broaden the outlook on the future. These solutions carry genuine impact on the lives of those involved and bring innovation, all while never losing sight that people, both within and outside the company, are what truly matter.

What will take us

No internal competition. Providing physical and mental well-being. Promoting collaboration at all levels.

Creating room for each individual to grow and innovate. Not pursuing maximum profit at any cost. Providing a safe environment for each person to be themselves. Assuring every professional that they are in a good place to work.

Constantly seeking technological innovations, attentive to market changes.

Delivering unique work, tailored to the specificities and demands of each client and market.

Providing more than what was agreed upon, incorporating intelligence, creativity, holistic thinking, and insight into each delivery. Offering prompt and quality service, aiming at how we would like to be served as clients.

Honoring any established commitment. Maintaining transparent relationships at all levels.

Valuing the word, what has been agreed upon will be fulfilled. Being fair in the charges considering quality and the market.

Our Fuertes

Our greatest asset is the people within these walls. And what remarkable individuals they are.

We have a team with international geographic diversity. Different backgrounds, accents, and experiences come together to create a team of rich cultural diversity, with a multitude of disciplines: designers, developers, managers, illustrators, researchers, advertisers, animators, photographers, musicians, writers, psychologists, and many other areas of human knowledge. They all work together to bring your product to life. Products made by and for people. With new voices and fresh ideas. Fuerza is proud to be a Great Place to Work.

made by a small, strong and dynamic team_

Diego Fagundes


Business Development, Team Management, Strategic Planning, Web and Mobile Development

Diego Fagundes

Co-founder + CEO

Pablo de la Rocha


UX Design, UI Design, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Creative Planning, Business Development

Pablo de la Rocha

Co-founder + Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Rodrigo Meurer


Process design and management, Project portfolio management, Leadership and team management, Agile Methodologies, Requirements Analysis / PMO

Rodrigo Meurer

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Eduardo Argoud


UX Design, UI Design, Art Direction, Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Creative Planning

Eduardo Argoud

VP of Design

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We create end-to-end digital products

We create comprehensive digital solutions, from ideation to final delivery. Our multidisciplinary team offers services in design, development, consulting, and much more.

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