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A company that believes in the potential of games, design, development, and the boundless power and energy of intelligence and fun.

And more. We also believe in individual voices.

Fuerza Games is a laboratory within Fuerza to experiment with new ideas and languages in gaming. We employ the same logic as short films: swift project execution and gameplay duration, focusing on casual games and advergames. It’s an additional learning experience with each new project, where the best ideas gain strength to become larger games in the future.

This endeavor is a natural evolution of Fuerza and a chance to give voice to unique and individual talents. After all, it’s impossible for a company operating at all levels of the web to overlook a market that is currently the world’s largest cultural economy, with games where we increasingly train and develop our skills for life.

Is your company interested in experiencing this market? Let’s talk.
A new stage begins here. In our story. In yours too.

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