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The year is over and here at Fuerza, we’re just proud and all geared up to start 2024.

If there’s one thing we can say about the work we’ve done for Fantastic Art Studios – and we can say many things, all good – it’s the marathon runner’s stamina that this Project (with a capital P) is showing.

So far, the website we developed has won 9 global awards, appeared on lists as a reference, and has been featured on 750 different channels around the world. From Yahoo Finance to the Antelope Valley Press, from Business Insider to the CBS Network, from the Times Herald to the Sacramento News. From end to end, from north to south, from A to Z.

Our internal policy has always been to try to take a step further in each job, to combine our various specialties to exceed expectations, including our own. It’s what has kept us standing in this market for 13 years. We’ve had projects that reached millions (almost billion) of users, but this one with Fantastic Art has a special taste because of the freedom and autonomy we had throughout the process, because of the company’s openness to accepting new ideas and working in a completely collaborative way.

They took a chance. And the result has been (not was, is) wonderful.

For all of us.

Thank you to everyone involved. Thank you for all this experience. 🙂

Don’t know this project yet? Go check out our cases!

Check out below the “small” list of media where we’ve been featured with this project (we challenge you to scroll to the end of this page 😉):

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